Project title Number of project implementation agreement Department Period
Triboelectric interfaces for energy harvesting systems Institute of Materials and Surface Enginering 01.05.2020 - 30.04.2023
Triboelektriskā lādiņa stabilitātes izpēte ZM-2021/14 Institute of Technical Physics 01.10.2021 - 30.09.2022
Transformative Digital Pedagogies for Higher Education 2022-1-LV01-KA220-HED-000085277 Study Department 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025
Improving the efficiency of traditional pultrusion processes Department of Composite Materials and Structure 01.04.2019 - 31.03.2022
Tilts uz oglekļa neitralitāti enerģijas kopienās: sociālās un humanitārās zinātnes satiekas ar enerģētikas pētījumiem lzp-2020/1-0256 Department of Environment and Energy Systems 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023
Online drinking water quality monitoring and early warning system” - WATSON KC-PI-2020/21 Water Research and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory 01.04.2020 - 30.06.2022
Technology for Hybrid Thermoplastic Advanced 3D composite production KC-PI-2017/55 Institute of Materials and Structures 01.10.2018 - 29.09.2021
Thermoelectric nanomaterials/topological insulators for more effective waste heat converting to usable energy Institute of Polymer Materials 01.03.2017 - 29.02.2020
Co-creating Spatial Strategies for Just and Sustainable Mobility in Large-Scale Housing Estates ES RTD/2023/35 Institute of Architecture and Design 01.01.2024 - 31.12.2026
Technological structure of the textile material, which reduces infrared and ultraviolet radiation in the thermal spectral range KC-PI-2020/34 Mechanics and Biotextile Research Laboratory 01.04.2020 - 30.09.2020
Waste to resource technology development using sewage sludge as raw material Water Research and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory 01.02.2021 - 30.11.2023
Technology Business center 1.1-14/2021/449 Science and Innovation Centre 23.12.2021 - 30.04.2024
Fostering use of technical spaces in higher education 2017-1-LT01-KA203-035231 Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineeri 01.12.2017 - 30.11.2019
Development and assesment of a lensed fiber for applications in integrated photonics ZM-2024/15 Institute of Photonics, Electronics and Telecommunications 02.01.2024 - 31.12.2024
Analysis of complex dynamical systems in fluid mechanics and heat transfer lzp-2020/1-0076 Institute of Applied Mathematics 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023
Narrow band wireless sensor network design solutions (NaBSeNDS) Institute of Radioelectronics 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021
Superkritiskā Omega-3 eļļa no ražošanas blakusproduktiem KC-PI-2017/60 Department of Environment and Energy Systems 29.01.2018 - 27.12.2021
Development of study course “Thermal Management and Power Electronic Packaging in Spacecraft Applications” 4000130629/20/NL/SC Department of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Technologies 01.08.2020 - 31.07.2021
International student and staff mobility within the ERASMUS+ program KA107_2020 2020-1-LV01-KA107-077335 International Projects Unit 01.08.2020 - 31.07.2023
Fostering Student Engagement through AI-driven Qualitative Quality Assurance Practices 2020-1-LV01-KA203-077578 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management 01.11.2020 - 30.04.2023

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