The keynote of the strategy of the Riga Technical University is the proactive link between the activity of the university and the needs of the national economy, focus on high quality and effectiveness. The basis for the activity of RTU is the study process built on science, innovation and in cooperation with the industry, which ensures preparation of specialists required by the Latvian national economy, thus serving as a foundation for sustainable growth of Latvia.

The RTU’s strategy for the new programming period is a consecutive continuation is the previous strategy of the university for 2014–2020. It has been developed in compliance with the objectives and priorities defined in Latvian development planning documents, including:

  • Latvian Sustainable Development Strategy up to 2030 (Latvia 2030);
  • National Development Plan of Latvia 2021-2027 (NDP2027);
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda).

The work on the development of the strategy started in spring 2019 with the analysis of the external environment and RTU’s activity. As part of it, development trends and challenges faced by higher education and science at a global and Latvian scale were identified. Potential RTU development scenarios were developed. Discussions on development scenarios and proposals included were held at different university levels, involving the widest possible range of RTU staff representatives. Strategic management seminars, think tanks were organised involving experts in the fields of science, studies and valorisation – RTU staff, as well as employee surveys were conducted.


We are building a competitive, educated, innovative and creative future.


Riga Technical University is an internationally competitive, dynamic and modern university of science and technology.
RTU Quality policy

RTU Strategy for 2023-2027

RTU Excellence Approach

Excellence Approach of Riga Technical University has been drawn up to promote purposeful development of the University as an excellent organization.

Sustainable Development

Riga Technical University is a higher education institution that puts a lot of emphasis in its daily work on development of technologies and the use of renewable energy.