Riga Technical University offers accommodation to students who are or will be registered as a student at RTU and remain registered throughout their stay.

Application Periods:

  • Autumn Semester: Applications open in May.
  • Spring Semester: Applications open in November.

Exchange/ERASMUS Students:

Application Period:

  • From May 5 to July 5 for the Autumn semester, and from November 6 to December 22 for the Spring semester.

Full-Time Students:

  • Application Period: From May 5 to July 31 for the Autumn semester, and from November 6 to December 22 for the Spring semester.


In order to apply for RTU accommodation

To apply for accommodation at RTU, please complete the

(Note: Applications submitted after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list. We will contact you if a vacancy becomes available.)

Before applying, we recommend reading our Terms and Conditions and Regulations and Policies.


Booking Confirmation Requirements:

  • To receive booking confirmation, you must pay the dormitory security deposit and three months’ rent upfront. (For a budget double shared room, the total is 860 EUR.)
  • After check-in and signing the rental agreement, you will need to pay the remaining three months' rent for your room type within two weeks.

Dormitory Booking and Payment Guidelines:

  • A security deposit of 200 EUR is required upon booking registration. The invoice will be issued once the booking is confirmed.

Entrance Card Payment:

  • The payment for entrance cards, priced at 7 EUR, must be made after signing the rental agreement, invoice will be provided. Payments can be completed through internet banking, bank transfer, or at a post office. (We do not accept cash payments.)

Additional Notes:

  • Accommodation booking will only be confirmed when a student is accepted for studies and all fees are covered.
  • The minimum booking period is 5 months. Early termination of the contract will require payment for the remaining months.
  • Confirmation of booking will be sent via email from .

For Current Students:

  • Current student applications will be placed on a waiting list, and availability cannot be guaranteed at the beginning of the semester. We will contact you as soon as a vacancy becomes available.

For Erasmus Students:

  • If you are returning from an Erasmus program, please submit the booking application form at least 2 months before your arrival. In the "special requirements" section, indicate "returning from Erasmus".
Moving out of dormitory
  • The minimal period of time for which you can book your room in the dormitories is 5 months. If you are planning to stay in the dormitories no longer than for five months, you have to inform the administration of the dormitories in a written form at least 30 days before that the agreement will not be extended, and you have to reveal the date when you are planning to move out (NOTE! If moving out before the 5 month period, the tenant must cover the rest of the months’ rent fee).
  • If you fail to do so, the administration of the dormitory will require you to pay rent for the following month!
If you hold a residence permit in Latvia you need to declare your new place of residence at the Immigration Office within 3 days after you have changed your place of residence.
  • To receive back your deposit you must fill out a refund form you can find under Practical matters > Request refund and hand over to the dormitory administrator for signature on the day you move out. The form must be submitted to the dormitory administrator or brought to our office in 12 Azenes Street, room 407.
  • Deposits will be reimbursed if all contractual obligations have been fulfilled and the room is left in conformity with the inventory of fixtures drawn up when the Tenant took possession of the room. The reimbursement of deposit for room will be made after termination of the Tenancy Agreement and will be transferred to your account within one month after your departure.
  • Please note that the bank commission for transferring the refund back is covered by the tenant.