Study department

Director of Study Department

Una Vorma
6A Kipsalas Street, room 339, Riga
+371 29582221



The goal of the Study Department is to resolve RTU common conceptual and organizational issues in the areas of curriculum, process organization and quality assurance in order for graduates to achieve high level of knowledge and skills.

The main tasks of the Study Department:

  • to coordinate activities of RTU structural units, which are related to organization of study process;
  • to collect and analyse proposals of faculties and institutes regarding the organization of studies, planning, and other issues related to the study process, to organize an assessment of these proposals by involving industry associations and other specialists, to prepare proposals for RTU norms and regulations;
  • to ensure unified and well-organized system for implementation of RTU further education courses and other forms of lifelong learning.
Position Address Phone E-mail

Deputy Director of Studies Department
Gundars Alksnis

6A Kipsalas Street, room 341, Riga +371 67089406
Head of Academic Administration Unit
Anita Šlihte
6A Kipsalas Street, room 339, Riga +371 67089322
Head of Further Education Unit
Zane Višķere
6A Kipsalas Street, room 335, Riga +371 67089439
Head of the Center of Academic Excellence
Liliāna Pravarne-Statkus
6A Kipsalas Street, room 348, Riga +371 26455085
Admissions Office 6 Azenes Street, Riga +371 67089319
Career Support and Service Centre 6 Azenes Street, Riga +371 67089025