Questions and answers

About RTU and studies
What is the required CGPA for applying?
In order to qualify for studies in RTU, you must have at least 60% of the total score in your previous education.
CGPA is the Cumulative Grade Point Average; it is the average score of your subjects. Please note that this is a strict requirement for admission.
What is the procedure to apply for studies in RTU?
  1. Choose your study program and submit your application at:
  2. Upload all your documents and not only save but make sure that you SUBMIT your application
    1. Education documents (high school documents, university transcript and degree)
    2. CV
    3. Passport
    4. Motivation letter
  3. Make application fee payment
  4. Once application fee payment received, an invitation will be sent to you to take exams in Math and English (for Bachelor programs if applicable) and schedule interview
  5. After that your application is examined and decision sent out
  6. If you have been accepted, invoice for tuition fee and security deposit is issued
  7. After tuition fee and security deposit payment has been received, the supporting documents for visa/residence permit application will be sent to you in 6 working days
  8. Once you receive supporting documents, submit visa/residence permit application at the Latvian embassy representing your region or VFS Global office if applicable
How long does the whole admission process take?
It depends on several circumstances such as – whether your educational documents are available and they have been uploaded, whether application fee payment has been received, whether entrance examinations and interview has been passed and other circumstances. In average application process may take from 3 up to 12 weeks.
Can you share some details or examples about exams and interview?
We are not sharing any information about our exams and interview. Exams are designed for high school graduates, therefore it should not be a problem for high school graduates to pass them. Good luck!
If I have a gap from previous studies, can I still apply? How big gap can I have?
When we review your application, there are several criteria, which we take into consideration – average grade, working experience, gap between previous studies, motivation to study and other criteria. You can apply, but every student’s case is different and will be reviewed individually.
When is the next intake?
We have two intakes per academic year – for spring semester and for autumn semester. In autumn semester studies start at the beginning of September. In spring semester studies start at the end of January.
Do you offer a Latvian language course?
Yes, RTU offers Latvian language courses and they are compulsory. 
Latvian language courses are mandatory according to Law on Higher Education Institutions for all foreign students if studies in Latvia are expected to be longer than six months or exceed 20 credit points. You can see paragraph 56, section 7 HERE.
What is a security deposit? What is it for?
Security Deposit is a lump-sum payment and it shall be paid along with the tuition fee for the first year of studies. It is refunded to the student’s account within one month after graduation or termination of the Agreement for studies at RTU unless student has breached RTU Agreement for studies at RTU and/or laws and regulation of Republic of Latvia. If applicable the following fees shall be deducted from security deposit: residence permit processing fee, visa fee, legalisation fee, accommodation deposit, postal expenses, bank commission and annual insurance.
What is a tuition fee?
It is a fee for your studies. More information HERE.
Can I pay half of tuition fee or split it and pay in several attempts?
The tuition fee for first study year has to be paid in full (one instalment). Starting from second study year the tuition fee can be paid per semester in which case your residence permit will be extended for one semester only.
Can I pay through Western Union? How can I pay?
Any payments shall be done by bank transfer only. All necessary details in order to make a transfer are provided in the invoice, which you can find in your online application account.
Can someone else pay for me? Can someone else from another country pay for me?
Yes, it is possible that someone else also from another country makes a payment. If such case, the bank transfer shall specify invoice number, passport number and full name and surname of the applicant, on whose behalf the payment is made.
I want to transfer from another university. Is it possible? What is the procedure?
Transfer from another university is possible. In order to do that the study programs should be similar and you should read course description carefully, because you will be able to transfer only those courses that are similar. To transfer to RTU you have to apply here: and we will review your application.
I want to reapply for my studies and continue them. How can I do that?
To reapply for your studies at RTU, you have to register in apply system (, upload all your documents and submit your application. If you have violated your study agreement then you have to cover the application fee (165 USD).
How long does it take to issue visa in embassy?
It depends upon embassy you are applying at and from which country you are from. The visa process may take from 2 up to 4 weeks, from the day the embassy receives your documents.
Does the university organizes airport pick-up?
Unfortunately, we are not organizing airport pick-up. You have to take a bus or taxi to dormitory or your place of residence in Latvia. Taxi might cost you 15-30 EUR depending on where you are staying.
What are the living expenses in Latvia?
Minimum livelihood in Latvia (also as regulation by Immigration office) is 620 EUR per month (7440 EUR for 1 year), but it depends upon your spending habits as well.
Can I get a part time job while studying?
Yes, you can. Bachelor students can do part time job (20 hours per week). Master and PhD students can do full time (40 hours per week) job after completing the first study year. You have to find job yourself. You are responsible for it.