Entry visa-free

Entry visa-free

(up to 90 days)

You may enter the Republic of Latvia without a visa and can reside for 90 days within a 6 months period if your citizenship belongs to this LIST OF COUNTRIES.

You will be requested to submit a residence permit (RP) application on the basis of your full-time studies upon arrival in Latvia at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA).

After arrival

Step 1
Before the submission of the documents for a residence permit, within a month after your arrival, RTU will provide you an Invitation letter approved by OCMA.

Step 2
Arrange and submit the following documents to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs:

  • A definite sample form for a residence permit request find HERE;
  • A passport-size photo;
  • An agreement on studies in the Republic of Latvia (provided by RTU);
  • A document confirming the prospective place of residence in the Republic of Latvia and the rights to stay there (provided by RTU if staying at RTU student dormitory);
  • An evidence that you have sufficient financial means of 8500 EUR/per year.

A bank statement/letter  must be on your name; your full name must be written as in the passport, date of birth and final account balance of your account; this letter must be signed and stamped by bank official! Validity of the statement is 3 months.

DEBIT or CREDIT card must be affiliated with the account for use abroad.

Note! The documents for your residence permit application can be submitted in Latvian, English, French, Russian or German.

Note! Certification of document authenticity (legalisation) is not a notarial act. Unless there are international agreements in force that provide for a different procedure, all documents issued in other countries have to be legalized. Legalisation – Certification of Document Authenticity. Certification of document authenticity (legalisation) means verification of signature and seal of a document. It is performed by a Consular Officer in order the documents drawn up in one country were in force in another one. Legalisation also implies confirmation of the legal status and authority of the signatory.

Please find more information on legalization HERE.

Tax duty fee applies to submit a residence permit application, find more information HERE.

Step 3
Receive a positive residence permit decision to your e-mail address.

Step 4
Receive the RP card by providing your travel document, health insurance valid for 1 year, and an x-ray check provided by any private/public health clinic in Latvia.