Foundation Semester in Mathematics

Foundation Semester in Mathematics

Riga Technical University provides a great opportunity for those who are looking for opportunities in life that are really worth taking. At present, students who obtained grade not less than 4 (four) in entrance examination can get a second chance to proceed with their dream to study engineering or computer systems programme.

The Foundation Semester in Mathematics is put together as an intense 16-week programme that allows students who complete the exam with 50% access to study an engineering degree programme at RTU and who complete the programme with 60% access to study in computer systems where Mathematics is a prerequisite, provided that the applicants meet the other qualifying criteria of RTU.


  • Perspective students should note that full educational background as well as English proficiency and motivation will be taken into consideration for admission purposes.
  • Due to the intense nature of this course, the attendance is compulsory and any absence from more than 10% of class will result with an immediate student’s withdrawal from the Foundation Semester.
Eligibility for Admission
  • Online application;
  • English proficiency qualification and RTU video-interview with the RTU Admission Team and/or Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit.
  • RTU Entrance Examination in Mathematics with the grade not less than 4 (four).
  • Application fee of 150 EUR fully paid.
  • Foundation Semester Fee and one semester tuition fee fully paid.

The main areas covered are the following:

  • Introductions.
  • Analytical geometry: vectors, lines, surfaces.
  • Linear algebra: matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations.
  • Introduction to analysis: limits, continuity.
  • Differential calculus: derivative, differential and their applications.
  • Integral calculus: indefinite and definite integrals, their applications.
  • Ordinary differential equations. Series. Double and triple integrals.
  • Radian Measures, trigonometric functions and equations.

Programme Availability

Foundation Semester (12 February – 16 June 2024)

Programme Fee
1360 EUR per semester + one semester tuition fee for the study programme
* Accommodation, travel and living expenses as well as health insurance and other extra fees are covered by the applicant

Contact Hours

  • 20 hours of Mathematics per week
  • 30 hours of independent study

For any questions regarding admission into RTU Foundation Semester, contact  Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term courses Unit:
Ms Marite Tranina
+371 67089036