Acting Vice-Rector for Research

Prof. Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Bažbauers




Short bio

Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Bazbauers works as a Professor at the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering at Riga Technical University (RTU). He also holds the position of Vice-rector for research at RTU. He also worked as a managing director in the energy company «Vattenfall Latvia» (1995-2007) and as a project manager in the private energy consulting company «EEE» (1992-1993). Education: Diploma in industrial thermal engineering from RTU in 1990, Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from MIT in 1995, Doctor of Science degree in engineering from RTU in 1999, and bachelor’s degree in business administration from RTU in 2002.

His main research interests are system dynamics modeling of energy systems, energy system analysis and planning, energy economics and policy development, sustainable energy systems, district heating systems, and cogeneration. Gatis Bazbauers is an expert of Latvian Council of Science, a member of the System Dynamics Society, and the Council of Latvia’s District Heating Association.

RTU Office of Vice-Rector for Research administers, promotes and implements research activity at RTU, as well as manages procedures for obtaining scientific Doctoral degree by RTU researchers at the accredited study programs approved by RTU Senate. 


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