Cities and Development

The contemporary cities are the most vivid attestation of the development of science and technology, that is why city development issues are a global topicality, which employs the minds of researchers all over the world. The greatest part of the world resources is consumed in the cities where also the majority of the planet inhabitants live. Cities as the driving force of economic development, culture and innovation centers, attract people to live, study, and work. Concurrently, the concentration of people poses serious challenges to the urban development specialists. The preservation of environment and cultural and historical heritage, mobility and infrastructure provisions, employment and social problems – the broad range of issues illustrates the multi-fold, complex character of urban development.

Particular excellent, but not mutually integrated city environment improvement measures are not able to improve the quality of the city as a unified system. That is why uniting the work of RTU researchers working in different fields into one platform is of particular significance. To solve the upcoming issues, RTU scientists are conducting research in several fields: preservation of the cultural and historical environment, city environment quality development, raising efficiency of power and heat supply systems, application of state-of-the-art technology in planning and forecasting, socio-economic factor estimation in urban planning.

Sustainable city development that is able to ensure a long-term living environment quality is the goal of many fields. It is based on a broad and comprehensive vision, appropriately integrated planning, and transparent management.