Materials, Processes, and Technologies

«Materials, processes, and technologies» is one of the priority directions in scientific activities at Riga Technical University (RTU). The studies implemented at the university in the field of materials are very diverse, starting from synthesis of nanoparticles up to large, practically usable construction calculations, constructive strength tests and sustainability forecasting.

The main research directions in the field of materials at RTU are as follows:

  • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies.
  • Green chemistry and bio-based technologies.
  • Applied chemistry.
  • Functional materials.

The work within this platform transcends faculty and institute borders, because cooperation takes place within the framework of RTU, as well as with other scientific institutions in Latvia and on the global scale. The scientists implement both the projects that are directly related to the materials and their feature research and the ones which are related to this field indirectly, for example, develop data processing, design, and forecasting software, carry out economic calculations for new material design or production technology.

RTU participation in development and activity of four National Level Research Centres has given the chance to use high-quality up-to-date infrastructure by providing the scientists with the world level scientific equipment, thus promoting the competition in the world research market, offering the opportunity to become equal partners in the international projects.