Open science

Open Access is the European initiative with the goal to promote and support free open access to electronic resources in education and academic environment.

Open Access ensures free access to full text scientific information online, allowing the users to read and download it by using a reference to the author, copy, distributor, print, quote, index, transfer in a form of data, or use it in any other legal manner without any financial, legal, or technical limitations.

Advantages of Open Access

One of the main policies of the Open Access initiative supporters is as follows: the society-funded research results must be freely accessible to all society members to promote knowledge transfer, thus increasing efficiency of scientific discoveries and return on investment. 

Publication of full texts of scientific works in the open access increases the impact of scientific research on innovations by offering free research result accessibility, it is possible to use and quote them.

Research sponsors, academic and scientific institutions share the opinion that conducting research is just part of the task; it is important that the results are accessible, thus the requirement to publish research results online in the open access gets emphasized.

What benefits OA institutional repository offers to the researchers?
  • Centralised archiving of research papers;
  • Search and accessibility option for scientific works;
  • Increased circulation of scientific research results and their impact factor;
  • IR serves as a track record of scientific activity.
The Scientists on Open Access

If you have any questions regarding data input in RTU Science Repository ORTUS and Open Science, please contact Department for Research Coordination and Information (Elza Vecpuise , +371 26013889).

EUt+ Open Research Statement

Research, actively engaged with the University’s academic life, engaged with its communities and regions, its students, and citizens, is a vital element of the new university’s connections to the wider research ecosystem and the communities and regions in which EUt+ is present.

The position of the Council of Europe regarding OA issue

The Council of Europe holds a view that free access to the scientific information in higher education, science, and research is very significant and promotes society development.

RTU Publication repository

The University's publication repository houses research outputs of RTU researchers and PhD students, ranging from published articles and conference papers, through to datasets, and theses.

Open Access Policy of Riga Technical University