Request Refund

About refund

A refund may be requested by completing the “Refund Request Form” .

After completing the form please print it out, sign it by hand ,and then scan it. The scanned document should be sent to .

If beneficiary is NOT yourself, please fill out additional form “Friend request” and send it along with Refund Request form.

If you are having some problems filling out request form please take a look at the  “Sample form

NOTE! Make sure the bank you specify in the refund form receives international payments. Also, indicate the bank corresponding to the EUR currency.

The university does not cover the bank transfer fees, fee will be deducted from the transferred amount, according to the bank’s price list. Transfers may take up to 21 working days!

It is necessary to send the original visa refusal to 12 Azenes Street, Room 130, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia. Receipt of a visa refusal electronically by email will not be considered as a supporting document for the examination of the refund application. Once we receive a confirmation from the Embassy about your visa refusal, the refund is returned within 21 working day!