The Whistleblowing Law entered into effect on 04.02.2022. The purpose of the Law is to promote the raising of whistleblowing in the public interest and to ensure the establishment and functioning of whistleblowing mechanisms and the proper protection of whistleblowers.

Riga Technical University (hereinafter - RTU) has issued Internal Regulation No.01000-6-e/5 «Principles and Procedure of Whistleblowing at Riga Technical University» on 19.04.2022, the purpose of which is to ensure compliance with the Whistleblowing Law at RTU, to determine the procedure for submitting reports on possible violations that may harm public interests, as well as to ensure anonymity and protection of the whistleblower.

Options for submitting alerts to RTU:

  • by sending an electronically signed report to ;
  • ORTUS - RTU Information System;
  • by post, by placing the sealed envelope of the whistleblowing report marked «Whistleblowing Report» in a separate envelope;
  • by submitting the whistleblower's report in accordance with the Law electronically via the public administration services portal www.latvija.lv or on the website www.trauksmescelejs.lv