Dean's Council


Academician Dr. sc. ing.

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Professor Dr. arch.

Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Professor Dr. sc. ing.

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Professor Dr. sc. ing.

Agris Ņikitenko
2 Daugavgrivas Street, Riga

Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Science

Professor Dr. sc. ing.

Dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

Professor Dr. sc. ing.

Vjačeslavs Bobrovs
12 Azenes Street, room 229, Riga

Dean of the Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities

Professor Dr. philol.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry

Professor Dr. chem.

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics

Docent Ph. D.

Vice-Rector for Research

Prof. Dr. sc. ing.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Professor Dr. oec.

Elīna Gaile-Sarkane
6A Kipsalas Street, Riga

Vice Rector of Innovations

Chair of the Senate

Professor Dr. phys

Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Finance

Assoc. Professor Dr. oec.

Director of Administrative Department

Acting Director of Infrastructure Development Department

Deputy Vice-rector of Studies in International Work

Professor Dr. sc. ing.

President of Student Parliament

Aneta Tarasova
8 Azenes Street, Riga

Director of Riga Business School

Klaudio Rivera
11 Skolas Street, Riga

Director of Daugavpils Affiliation

Ivans Griņevičs
90 Smilsu Street, Daugavpils

Director of Cēsis Affiliation

Armands Sīlītis
3 Piebalgas Street, Cesis

Acting Director of Liepāja Affiliation

Mārcis Priedītis
4 Vanes Street, Liepaja

Director of Ventspils Affiliation

Vineta Gobiņa
55 Kuldigas Street, Ventspils


Assistant to Director of Administration Paula Turka


Director of the Department of Financial Planning and Management

Director of Department of Public Affairs

Director of the Department of Estate and Investments

Director of the Quality Management and Record Management Department

Director of the Infrastructure Department

Director of the Study Department

Chair of the Trade Union Committee

Director of External and Part-Time Studies Department

Director of the Scientific Library

Mg. ing.

Head of the Internal Audit Department

Mg. oec.

Ainis Bormanis

Head of the Personnel Department

Zane Rostoka-Bārene
6A Kipsalas Street, room 450, Riga

Head of the Procurement Department

Mārtiņš Briedis
1/1 Meza Street, room 105

Alumni and Donation Unit

Simona Ozoliņa-Ugore
3 Paula Valdena Street, room 236

Head of the Culture Centre

Head of the Planning and Economic Analysis Unit

Inese Kundžena-Kundženova
3 Paula Valdena Street, room 244

Head of the Projects and Strategic Development Department

Head of the Enrollment Commission

Mg. oec.

Director of the Sports Club

Head of the Doctoral Studies Department