Office of the Vice-Rector for Development and Finance

Vice-Rector for Development and Finance 

Dr. oec., MBA
Artūrs Zeps

Office hours (by appointment ):
Tuesday 15.00–17.00


Short bio

Arturs Zeps currently serves as the Vice-Rector for Development and Finance at Riga Technical University, actively working on steering the university's strategic direction and managing its financial aspects. Arturs leads the university's strategic planning, ensuring it remains aligned with current and future development trends. He also oversees major development projects, including infrastructure improvements and the implementation of EU-funded institutional development initiatives. Quality and risk management processes fall under his purview, as well as managing internal and external communication for the university. His responsibilities extend to the prudent financial management of the institution, contributing to its sustainability.

In addition to his role at Riga Technical University, Arturs Zeps holds several other positions:

  • Executive Director at the Association of Latvian Universities: He actively works with the interests and growth of Latvian universities, advocating for their development.
  • Member of the Board at RTU Engineering High School: In this capacity, Arturs contributes to the school's strategic development, overseeing financial matters and attracting external resources to support its objectives.
  • Member of the Council at Higher Education of Latvia: Arturs Zeps actively participates in decision-making processes, helping to shape the national-level higher education development strategy, accreditation procedures, and budget allocation.
  • Associate Professor at Riga Technical University: In his academic role, he imparts knowledge and expertise to students through teaching the course «Strategic Management in International Companies.»

The Office of Vice-Rector for Development and Finance aims at drawing up RTU development strategy and ensuring its successful implementation, monitoring significant development projects of RTU, as well as representing RTU interests cooperating with  public authorities, partners and the public.

Position Address Phone E-mail
Assistant to Vice-Rector of Development and Finance
Simona Granta
+371 67089879
Subordinated units:

Director of the Project Support Department
Dace Paule

+371 67089079

Director of Department of Public Affairs
Laine Kučinska
+371 67089860

Acting Director of Infrastructure Development Department
Guntis Vilsons

+371 67089724

Director of the Quality Management and Record Management Department
Juris Iljins

+371 67089778

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Financial Affairs
Marija Hramcova
3 P. Valdena Street, room 234, Riga +371 20118491
Head of the Accounting Department,
Chief Accountant
Iveta Celmiņa
3 P. Valdena Street, room 358, Riga +371 26333674
Director of the Department of Financial Planning and Management
Edgars Bunka
3 P. Valdena Street, room 242, Riga +371 25555025