Property and Investment Department

Director of Property and Investment Department





The goal of the Property and Investment Department is to increase the competitiveness of RTU, ensure the efficient real estate rent, sale and acquisition in the long and short term, encourage participation in public and private collaboration projects, as well as represent interests in the capital companies of RTU by promoting maximum return on investment for RTU.

The main activities:

  • Attraction of tenants (tenants) to RTU real estate.
  • Short-term real estate rent for events, conferences and seminars.
  • Encouraging investment in rental properties.
  • Supervision of the capital companies owned by RTU, contributing to the growth of the value of RTU assets.
  • Attraction of private capital to RTU property projects.
  • Communication with the public sector on real estate issues.
Position Address Phone E-mail
Project Manager
Santa Puškarjova
5 Paula Valdena Street, room 5.03. +371 29373757

Head of Real Estate Rental Unit
Ralfs Meždreijs

5 Paula Valdena Street, room 5.03. +371 29828628
Real Estate Rental Unit Project Manager
Guntis Zariņš
5 Paula Valdena Street, room 5.03. +371 20512470