Infrastructure Development Department

Director of Infrastructure Development Department

Guntis Vilsons
12 k4 Azenes Street, room 18, Riga
+371 67089724


The aim of Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) is to ensure development of RTU infrastructure, that is, buildings, structures and land necessary for the implementation of education processes according to the approved strategy of RTU in order to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality execution of RTU functions in the long term.

Main tasks of the IDD:

  • to implement RTU infrastructure development projects;
  • to ensure management and coordination of implementation of infrastructure development projects;
  • to elaborate proposals for further fundraising possibilities for RTU infrastructure development;
  • to provide support to RTU structural units in elaboration of fundraising projects concerning issues related to infrastructure development.
Position Address Phone E-mail

Project manager
Iveta Putniņa

12 k4 Azenes Street, room 17 +371 67089064

Project manager
Rigonda Nudiena

12 k4 Azenes Street, room 17 +371 67089064

Project manager
Jānis Ieviņš

12 k4 Azenes Street, room 19 +371 67089390