Department of Quality and Risk Management

Juris Iljins

Director of the Quality and Risk Management Department

Juris Iljins
6A Kipsalas Street, room 346, Riga
+371 67089778

RTU Department of Quality and Risk Management aims to establish an effective quality control system and quality control processes in order to improve RTU operational efficiency, enhance the quality, achieve performance indicators and objectives defined in RTU Strategy at each structural unit, as well as promote RTU employees’ understanding of their role in the establishment of RTU quality culture and encourage them to improve their work and RTU processes.

The main tasks of the Department of Quality and Risk Management:

  • to ensure maintenance and development of RTU quality management system,
  • to coordinate risk management processes,
  • to coordinate participation in the Institutional Evaluation Programme of the European University Association,
  • to ensure RTU participation in national and international rating systems,
  • to ensure the aggregation of statistical indicators on RTU performance.

The department consists of 2 units:

Quality Management and Sustainability Unit

The aim of the Quality Management and Sustainability Unit is to create and coordinate the implementation of an effective RTU quality management system in order to promote the efficiency and quality of RTU's processes, and the fulfilment of the specific performance indicators and tasks defined in the RTU strategy, as well as to promote the understanding of the quality culture of RTU by all RTU employees, to ensure the involvement of employees in the improvement of their working environment, RTU processes and to monitor sustainable development direction of RTU, collect and analyze data to contribute to the achievement of sustainability objectives.

The main tasks of the Quality Management and Sustainability Division are:

  • to improve and develop the RTU quality system in order to promote sustainable development of RTU;
  • to collect and analyze the data necessary for the implementation, maintenance and development of a scientifically based quality system;
  • to identify the risk factors affecting the quality of university process management and quality systems and encourage preventive measures to reduce or eliminate quality risks;
  • to ensure participation of RTU in national and international rating systems;
  • to promote RTU involvement in the implementation and promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Knowledge Management Center

The aim of the RTU Knowledge Management Center is to analyse global, Latvia’s and RTU data and trends in order to obtain content for decision-making based on calculations and forecasts, thus facilitating RTU development and process optimization opportunities.

The main tasks of the Knowledge Management Center:

  • to compile data that are necessary for the analysis and improvement of RTU activities,
  • to ensure a systematic and regular analysis of RTU performance results,
  • to forecast RTU operation development scenarios,
  • to analyse the performance indicators and trends of higher education institutions in Latvia and elsewhere in the world.


Position Address Phone E-mail
Head of Quality Management and Sustainability Unit
Aija Medne
  +371 67089492
Quality System specialist
Ilze Grieze
  +371 67089729
Quality System specialist
Kristīne Pūga
  +371 67089947
Knowledge Management Center
Vija Kinna
  +371 29293911
Dāvis Liberts
  +371 29357752