At RTU, there are 12 departments dealing with administrative, communication, international cooperation, maintenance, as well as study and business activities.

Human resources and Work Environment department

Property and Investment Department

Information technology department

The aim of IT Department is to increase the university’s competitiveness, quality and efficiency of activities, as well as information accessibility by integrating information technology (IT) solutions in university administrative, study and scientific research processes, thus providing students, administrative and academic staff with modern, reliable, safe and unified IT infrastructure and high-quality IT services. IT infrastructure includes 53 different services, covering a wide range of users. More information about services is available on the IT service catalog (only with ORTUS authorization) –

Infrastructure Development Department

The aim of Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) is to ensure development of RTU infrastructure, that is, buildings, structures and land necessary for the implementation of education processes according to the approved strategy of RTU in order to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality execution of RTU functions in the long term.

Legal Department

The aim of Legal Department is to provide legal support for achievement of aims stated in RTU Constitution.

Department of Quality Management and Document Processing

RTU Department of Quality Control and Records Management aims to establish an effective quality control system and develop coordination, as well as integrate document management and quality control processes in order to improve RTU operational efficiency, enhance the quality, achieve performance indicators and objectives defined in RTU Strategy at each structural unit, as well as promote RTU employees’ understanding of their role in the establishment of RTU quality culture and encourage them to improve their work and RTU processes.

External and Part-Time Studies Department

RTU External and Part-Time Studies Department ensures the organization and implementation of extramural and part-time studies in engineering sciences at RTU.

Project Management and Development Department

The goal of the Project and Development Department is to increase the competitiveness of Riga Technical University, to promote its development and growth in accordance with the RTU development priorities, ensuring efficient management of development projects and promoting attraction of financing for implementation of projects.

Department of Public Affairs

The aim of Department of Public Affairs (DPA) is to provide communication with the public and create a positive image of RTU at national and international level; strengthen RTU cooperation with the media, businesses, local authorities, secondary schools and other target groups; use active marketing in attracting students and promote the achievements of RTU for both external and internal audience.

Student Accommodation Department

Infrastructure Department

International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department

International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department offers to acquire study programmes in engineering and social sciences at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level in English.

Student Service Department

The goal of the Student Services Department is to ensure candidate enrolment and provide centralised support to students, applicants and interested persons.

Study department

The goal of the Study Department is to resolve RTU common conceptual and organizational issues in the areas of curriculum, process organization and quality assurance in order for graduates to achieve high level of knowledge and skills.

Internal Audit Department