Riga Technical University Council

Constitutional Assembly

Constitutional Assembly is an authorized highest collegiate representative and administrative decision-making body of RTU. 200 members of the Constitutional Assembly are elected by an open ballot by the students, academic and general personnel for the term of three years.


RTU highest official who implements general administrative management of RTU and without special authorization represents RTU.

Rector's Council

Advisory Board

RTU Advisory Board has been established to promote RTU growth, determining the course of its strategic development in accordance with the needs of the national economy. The Advisory Board meets four times a year. It consults the Senate and Rector on the issues concerning RTU development strategy, discusses structural reforms and development perspectives, as well as considers and offers advice on university budget planning.


The Senate of RTU is a statutory collegial administrative body that approves the internal code of conduct and regulations governing all spheres of RTU activity. The Senate consists of 35 members including 10 students.

Dean's Council

Office of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

RTU Office of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs coordinates implementation of the study programs and supervises the study process.

Office of Vice–Rector for Research

RTU Office of Vice-Rector for Research administers, promotes and implements research activity at RTU, as well as manages procedures for obtaining scientific Doctoral degree by RTU researchers at the accredited study programs approved by RTU Senate. 

Office of the Director of Administration

Office of the Vice-Rector for Development and Finance

The Office of Vice-Rector for Strategic Development aims at drawing up RTU development strategy and ensuring its successful implementation, monitoring significant development projects of RTU, as well as representing RTU interests cooperating with  public authorities, partners and the public.

Office of the Vice-Rector for Innovations