RTU Excellence Approach

To encourage development of Riga Technical University, Excellence approach was adopted in RTU Senate in 2017. It is a blend of RTU Constitution, Strategy and Quality Policy. It is based on the ESG (Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area) developed by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and fundamental principles of EFQM (The European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model.

Pursuing sustainable development and excellence, special attention is devoted to management and leadership, strategic planning, process approach, product and service development, improvement of cash flow and financial performance indicators, efficiency improvement in all activity areas, promotion of the level of satisfaction of the students, cooperation partners and employees, and increased market coverage.

RTU Excellence Approach

Stakeholders of Riga Technical university

With the involvement of the RTU management and staff, key stakeholders have been defined, taking into account their importance and impact on the university. It is essential for RTU to establish close and mutually beneficial cooperation to be able to implement its mission, vision and strategic goals.

RTU has developed a map of stakeholders, which identifies its main internal and external stakeholders. Targeted cooperation is ensured with each stakeholder group to promote mutual benefit. RTU provides feedback to key stakeholders through surveys and their involvement in university processes and decision-making.