Information technology department

Director of the IT Department

Gatis Praličs
2 Daugavgrivas Street, Riga
+371 67089842
+371 67089824


The aim of IT Department is to increase the university’s competitiveness, quality and efficiency of activities, as well as information accessibility by integrating information technology (IT) solutions in university administrative, study and scientific research processes, thus providing students, administrative and academic staff with modern, reliable, safe and unified IT infrastructure and high-quality IT services. IT infrastructure includes 53 different services, covering a wide range of users. More information about services is available on the IT service catalog (only with ORTUS authorization) –

Position Address Phone E-mail
Head of the Department of Information Systems 
Krists Ķēniņš
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 166 +371 67089874
Acting Head of User Support Centre
Rolands Slūka
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 166 +371 67089863
Head of the Communications Infrastructure Department
Ruslans Dudkins
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 166 +371 67089823