Project title Number of project implementation agreement Department Period
Minecraft for AI and Coding Introduction in Primary Schools 2022-1-HR01-KA220-SCH-000086061 International Projects Unit 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2024
1,2-Sililnobīdes pielietojums farmaceitiski svarīgu heterociklu sintēzei no propargilsilāniem ZM-2021/19 Institute of Technology of Organic Chemistry 01.10.2021 - 30.09.2022
3D printed bio-based materials for application in construction industry 3D Concrete Printing Laboratory 01.04.2020 - 31.03.2023
3D drukāto biopoliestera maisījumu ilgizturība ZM-2023/18 Department of Polymer Materials Technology 07.03.2023 - 06.03.2024
Application of 3D photogrammetry and introduction of energy efficiency increasing innovations to ensure more optimal environmental conditions in vertical farming. 22-00-A01612-000018 Department of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Technologies 15.09.2022 - 31.08.2024
City to sea hackathon 4602 Innovation Ecosystem Development Unit 04.04.2022 - 30.06.2022
Techno-economic performance and feasibility study of the 5GDHC technology using agent based modelling and GIS 106745 Institute of Energy Systems and Environment 01.12.2020 - 30.11.2022
A digital package for autonomous systems and self-driving vehicles 2018-1-EE01-KA202-047111 Department of Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering 01.09.2018 - 31.12.2021
Eye tracking system applications and utilization of gaze data in students behaviour trajectory model development Distance Education Centre 01.08.2018 - 15.07.2022
Development of knitted self-generating sensors: combining physics and knitting technology lzp-2022/1-0290 Institute of Technical Physics 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025
Aerodinamiski efektīva bezpilota lidaparāta (UAV) projektēšana un izstrāde, īstenojot videi draudzīgu 4R aprites ekonomikas koncepciju aviācijā (4R-UAV) lzp-2021/1- 0558 Institute of Aeronautics 03.01.2022 - 30.12.2024
Aerokosmiskās sistēmas projektēšana un modelēšana piko- un nanosatelītu palaišanai zemes orbītā Lzp-2018/2-0344 Institute of Aeronautics 01.12.2018 - 31.07.2021
School of Academic Excellence: Value through knowledge 2021/18 Study Department 01.08.2021 - 30.10.2021
Alina Life Formulations in Open-Source Platform 1-08/260/2017 Institute of General Chemical Engineering 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2022
Analog Element Research Used in Hi-End Audio Products”   implementation Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnologies 01.04.2019 - 30.11.2021
Formation of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties on The Metal Surface by Laser Radiation - Institute of Silicate Materials 01.06.2020 - 20.12.2020
Rapid assessment system of antibacterial resistance for patients with secondary bacterial infections Department of Computer Control and Computer Networks 01.01.2022 - 30.11.2023
Antibacterial and Antiviral Nano and Micro Fibrous Materials for Bioprotective Applications Institute of Design Technologies 01.01.2021 - 30.06.2023
Development of antibacterial autologous fibrin matrices in maxillofacial surgery lzp-2020/1-0054 Institute of General Chemical Engineering 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023
Training on Low Temperature District Heating in the Baltic Sea Region - LOWTEMP 2.0. #XO19 Department of Environment and Energy Systems 01.10.2020 - 31.12.2021

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