Want to Change the Future of Food? Applications for the 2023 EIT Food Challenge are now open

31th of October, 2023

Students, researchers, entrepreneurs, food, and agriculture sector employees, as well as those interested in creating a sustainable future of agriculture, are invited to apply to participate in the 2023 EIT Food Challenge Lab to help develop innovative solutions for important challenges in the agriculture and food sector. Have you got an idea for an innovative project that will create positive change in the food system? Then we want to hear from you. The application deadline is November 6.

The 2023 EIT Food Challenge is an activity of the EIT Food Industry Knowledge and Innovation community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which is implemented in Latvia by EIT Food HUB Latvia, in cooperation with the RTU Science and Innovation Center. The initiative is supported by the Bayer and DOJUS Latvija companies, defining current challenges for the industry. 

Apply for the event here.

The goal of the 2023 EIT Food Challenge Lab is to create potential business solutions in a short time span and reduce the gap between science and business, using design thinking methods and combining academic excellence and specific industry knowledge. 

To ensure interdisciplinarity in the team, students, researchers, and professionals with knowledge in various fields - from biotechnology to business development - are invited to participate. 

Bayer will challenge the participants to create solutions that will accelerate the progress towards sustainable agriculture, promoting food production – while reducing the environmental impact at the same time. DOJUS Latvija’s challenge is also directly related to reducing the negative environmental impact in agriculture, making it more sustainable. 

Specifically, participants will have to think about how to reduce emissions from agriculture by implementing tools that, for example, measure soil pH in real time and, based on the data, improve the performance of soil and machinery. 

To stimulate the development of solutions, a winning team will be determined in each category. The winning teams will receive a cash prize of 2,000 euros and be given the opportunity to create and develop a start-up in cooperation with industry representatives in the EIT Food business support programs. 

The teams will present their potential solutions to the jury on November 21 at the RTU Science and Innovation Center.

Bayer is a life sciences company whose main areas of activity are healthcare and agriculture, developing innovative products. 

DOJUS Latvija is one of the largest dealers of agricultural and lawn care equipment in Latvia.

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31th of October, 2023 at 11:13

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