Latvian Students Win the World’s Largest Synthetic Biology Competition

A team of students from Riga Technical University (RTU) and the University of Latvia (LU) took the gold at «International Genetically Engineered Machine» (iGEM), the world's largest biotechnology innovation competition. The team is developing a plant-inspired tool for the synthesis of cyclic peptides in the pursuit of a solution to combating antibacterial resistance and promoting the development of new drugs and pesticides. Want to compete in 2024? Applications are open until December.

30th of November

RTU to open International School of Science and Technology, adds Cambridge International program

Young scholars with interest in learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within a high-level, English language based secondary education program will soon have the chance to pursue these goals in Latvia. Starting next autumn, the RTU International School of Science and Technology (ISST) will offer prestigious STEM curriculum in accordance with the Cambridge A and AS level programs.

22nd of September

The RTU «Futurimo Riga» Curiosity Centre Solemnly Opened – Visitors are Welcome from 22 April

On 22 April, with its interactive exhibits, chemistry shows and engineering creativity workshops, the RTU Futurimo Riga curiosity centre will open its doors to visitors. 

20th of April