«RoboBattle 48» Hackathon Participants Will Build Robots and Compete With Them

2nd of May

From 10 to 12 May, the robotics hackathon «RoboBattle 48» will take place, organised by the Science and Innovation Centre of Riga Technical University (RTU). Students, researchers, representatives of start-ups, as well as other robot enthusiasts are invited to take part in the event, where they will not only have the opportunity to design their own robot, but also take part in a robot tournament, competing in a specially created arena.

The main aim of the hackathon is to stimulate public interest in robotics and robot building by giving participants the opportunity to create a functional racing robot in a short time.

Teams are expected to develop their robot in seven separate phases of the hackathon. At the end of the robot development, «RoboBattle48» will host two separate competitions. The first will require each team to present their robot in three minutes, while the second will be a robot tournament open to all eligible robots. Participants will be drawn at random in their respective tournament group to then compete in the arena. Participants who win at least two tournament matches will qualify for the next round.

The winners of the hackathon will receive valuable prizes from event sponsors «RS Deliveries», «Ye International» and the RTU Science and Innovation Centre, which will be useful to continue working on ongoing robot building projects.

The hackathon will take place in the «the Moon» room of the RTU Science and Innovation Centre from 10 May at 18.00 to 12 May at 16.00. To register for the hackathon, please fill in the application form by 6 May,

After the event, participants will have the opportunity to continue working on their robots individually in order to participate in the Robotics Championship at RTU on 18 May.

The hackathon is organised in cooperation with «SAF Tehnika», Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA), «Latvijas finieris», «Ye International» and «RS Delivers Latvia».

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