Igors Tipāns, Deputy Vice-Rector of Studies, International Engagement at RTU, Recieves the «Bene Merito» Badge of Honour Awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland

Igors Tipāns, Deputy Vice-Rector of Studies, International Engagement at Riga Technical University (RTU), has been awarded the «Bene Merito» Medal of Honour by the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs in recognition of his contribution to strengthening Poland's position in the international arena.

15th of May

65 Researchers, Academics and Students Learn from Scandinavian Best Practices in Fostering Innovation

Over three years, an international EEA scholarship project, implemented by RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management in cooperation with the Southeastern University of Norway, provides 65 RTU researchers, experienced academics and students with the opportunity to explore the innovation environment in Scandinavia, gain and exchange experiences, interact, and promote the creation of innovative business ideas and service companies in Latvia.

14th of May

Euronews Reports on a Technology Developed by Latvian Scientists for Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Cancer cases are on the rise in Europe, with melanoma - the most dangerous type of skin cancer - the sixth most common. With support from European Union (EU) funds, medical device start-up Bdetect has launched a portable, non-invasive early detection device based on technology developed by scientists, reports Euronews.

14th of May