RTU will cooperate with Finnish company «Peikko Group Corporation»

16th of October, 2019

On Thursday, 17 October, Riga Technical University (RTU) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Finnish building materials company Peikko Group Corporation. The goal of the memorandum is to establish cooperation with RTU Faculty of Civil Engineering in studies, science and innovation. The memorandum has also been supported and signed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

The memorandum envisages that RTU students will have the opportunity to elaborate master and doctoral theses in cooperation with the Finnish company, choosing themes relevant to the construction industry. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake internship at the company. Other activities are also envisaged, such as lectures delivered by company representatives to students, visits to construction sites and joint research projects.

«We are pleased to establish broader cooperation with RTU – the university we are well familiar with! Peikko Group Corporation needs long-term partners to ensure the success of its operations.  We also are willing to attract Latvian engineers to Peikko team,” says CEO of Peikko Group Corporation Topi Paananen.

RTU Vice-Rector for Research Tālis Juhna emphasises that RTU appreciates the opportunity to start cooperation with Peikko, because “it will strengthen RTU international cooperation network and improve the quality of our research. Our students will have new, industry-relevant research topics, and this will open doors to promising careers at an international company”. The memorandum also envisages Peikko’s support for the programme “Industrial Doctor” initiated by RTU, which will foster innovation in the Latvian economy. Within the programme, RTU young scientists will elaborate doctoral theses on themes that comply with RTU scientific competences and are necessary for the innovation projects of the respective company.

Peikko Group Corporation is the world’s leading provider of thin floor construction and joint technology for prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete construction solutions. The company’s innovative solutions offer faster, safer and more efficient design and construction opportunities. With production facilities in eleven countries worldwide, Peikko had a turnover of EUR 225 million in 2018. Peikko has been operating in Latvia since 2008, serving local customers and providing wind turbine design services in the international market.

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16th of October, 2019 at 11:06

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