Rectors of EUT+ Alliance Meet in Italy

8th of April

Two full days of work and appreciation of the beauty of the town of Gaeta on April 3rd and of Montecassino Abbey on April 4th, this latter enriched by the possibility to be welcomed by the Abbot and to see the exclusive rooms of the ancient manuscripts and of the historical library.

Rich agenda for the first EUT+ Rectors Board held in Cassino started with the discussion of the feedback from the STYX final event of March 26 on the possible convergence towards a legal entity for the European Alliances.

The analysis of the EC’s Blueprint for a European Degree followed suit, with an emphasis on the many elements of the document that were inspired by previous EUT+ elaboration of the 12 features of a European degree. The important signature by all nine Rectors of the Manifesto on the Independence of Universities was the last act of the meeting.

An aperitif in the café of the Manzoni Theater concluded day two of the visit with a short walk on the newly paved pedestrian area of the city center were the Italian and International UNICAS students coming from 58 different countries are ready to welcome their peers from EUT+.

Arrivederci a Novembre 2024 for the Cassino week!

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8th of April at 14:36

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