RTU Invites You to a Guest Lecture by Oxford Univeristy Mathematician and Renowned Youtuber Tom Crawford to Find Out if Maths Will Save the World

12th of April
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How to use maths to reduce pollution in our oceans and save the planet? Oxford University mathematician Tom Crawford, who shares his love of mathematics with millions on his award-winning YouTube channel, will talk about mathematical modelling and how it can be used to solve a variety of problems in a one-off lecture at Riga Technical University's (RTU) Science and Innovation Centre «The Moon» on 20 April at 11.00.

Mathematical modelling can solve almost any problem you can imagine, says Tom Crawford.

He is a professor, mathematics lecturer and promoter at the University of Oxford, which has been named the world's best university 2024 in the Times Higher Education international rankings. In his lectures, YouTube streaming videos, podcasts and other free material, Crawford shows that even very complex maths problems and equations can be explained with passion, humour and comparisons from everyday life. He reaches a wide audience on both his YouTube channel Tom Rocks Maths and Numberphile, the most popular maths channel with almost 4.5 million subscribers. His passion for mathematics can also be enjoyed in his TEDx talks. Crawford is also known as the «Naked Mathematician», whose body is adorned with a large number of mathematical tattoos.

The lecture by the Oxford University mathematician is part of a series of activities that RTU has been carrying out for years to promote understanding and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among different groups of society. This guest lecture will highlight the role of the sciences in addressing globally important challenges. It will be of interest to pupils and students, academics, those working in industry and anyone with a curiosity.

The lecture is free of charge, please register in advance.

The lecture will be held in English.

On Sunday, 21 April, at 14.00, T. Crawford will give a masterclass at the first birthday celebration of RTU Curiosity Centre «Futurimo Riga», which will take place at Meža iela 1, k6. He will reveal the link between mathematics and football, i.e. he will look at the geometry behind the ideal penalty kick in football and how to use statistics to predict future world records in the marathon.

«Futurimo Riga's» birthday will be celebrated on 20 and 21 April from 10.00-17.00 with masterclasses by world-class scientists, chemical science shows, technical workshops and an interactive maritime exhibition. More information.

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12th of April at 13:02

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