RTU professor Oskars Ozoliņš talks data transmission speed and security in «Ir» Magazine

29th of June, 2023

Dr. Oskars Ozoliņš, a tenured professor in the RTU Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, was interviewed by «Ir» magazine this summer. In the wide-ranging discussion, he talked about his research - in the past ten years, he has obtained seven world records with his colleagues, the last of which was recently achieved and made waves in the international scientific and industrial environment

«Discoveries drive me forward - the drive is to go where no one has gone before. To do what no one has done yet, » - Dr. Oskars Ozoliņš

In the article, Dr. Ozoliņš explains that data transmission consists of seven layers. Users see and feel only the upper ones - how fast images or videos download or how fast they receive large attachments in e-mail. Scientists like Dr. Ozoliņš are interested in the first layer, which the average person doesn't know even exists, but scientists are looking for solutions to «transmit ones and zeros» over a certain distance as quickly as possible. 

The transmission of data takes place through large data centers, which are gigantic - the size of a football field or even larger - where components often operate at temperatures of 50-70 degrees, generating enormous heat radiation, so the telecommunications industry consumes a huge amount of energy, nine percent of the global energy consumption.

Dr. Ozoliņš believes that it is no longer possible to heat the planet by expanding data centers, so he and his team are working to make data transmission require as little energy as possible and generate less heat - so everything happens faster, but with smaller devices.

Along with faster data transmission, Dr. Ozoliņš also focused on the security of the transmitted information - quantum technologies to prevent the leakage of sensitive data. 

«Data transmission with the help of quantum is more secure because other principles are used. In quantum technology, there is a physical phenomenon where you cannot secretly read information without revealing yourself,» he added. 

In regard to the university education system, he says, evaluating only the work of his university: «RTU provides a very good education, which opens the door to the world for young scientists. Our education is also highly valued in large global companies.»

But he also pointed out that RTU and Latvia lack the infrastructure to develop research and Latvian scientists should not «go to the other side of the world to conduct research.» He admitted that he thinks a lot about what he could do more and better for Latvia, so that the country continues to flourish in various sectors. 

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29th of June, 2023 at 13:41

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