RTU has been Ranked as a Five-Star University in QS Stars Rating

3rd of December, 2018

Riga Technical University (RTU) has received an excellent evaluation – five stars – at the international university rating QS Stars. On the whole, university performance was evaluated considering eight categories, and RTU received the highest evaluation – five stars – in six of them.

Director of RTU Department of Quality Control and Records Management Juris Iljins states, «RTU has been very highly evaluated on QS Stars rating, by improving its performance in all categories in comparison with previous evaluation that was organized in 2015. In the previous evaluation we received three stars, but with persistent work we have managed to improve our performance. We have significantly invested in the quality of studies, infrastructure, improvement of research quality, promotion of innovations and improvement of environment for start-up companies. On the whole, these activities have contributed to the fact that RTU has been evaluated on the same level as Lund University in Sweden or Aalborg University in Denmark».

RTU received five stars in the following categories: teaching, employability, internationalization, learning environment, innovations and inclusiveness. The rating also considered university research and specialization in computer sciences.

Each of the eight categories is divided into numerous sub-categories. Within the category of teaching such sub-categories as the level of student satisfaction with the university as a whole and with the studies in particular, as well as further education opportunities were highly evaluated. In the area of employment, graduate employment indicators as well as RTU reputation among employers received top scores. In the category of internationalization, RTU registered maximum points in several sub-categories, including «International Research Collaboration», «International Diversity» and «Inbound Exchange Students».

Considering university environment, sports facilities provided by RTU, IT infrastructure and significant number of student organizations gained special recognition. In the field of innovations, RTU received maximal scores in all sub-categories – number of patents registered by RTU, field research, number of spin-off enterprises were highly evaluated. In the area of Inclusiveness, opportunities ensured by RTU, university scholarships and bursaries, support to the students from low income families as well as accessibility of the environment for people with reduced mobility deserved special credit.

QS Stars is a rating system, which allows students to develop better understanding with regard to the quality of the institution. Unlike most ratings that measure university performance by ranking them into order, QS Stars makes it possible to assess the performance of each university in specific areas and issues by providing, for example, access to graduate employment rates, assessments of learning environment, level of inclusiveness and other issues relevant to the potential graduates. Participation in the rating of universities is voluntary and provides a comparable external evaluation of how successful the university has been.

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3rd of December, 2018 at 13:30

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