RTU and Michigan Technological University Discuss Cooperation in Transport Mobility Research

27th of September, 2022

 Riga Technical University (RTU) has started cooperation with Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech), having reached an agreement on a joint research project aiming to resolve land transport mobility challenges in off-road conditions.

Talks about cooperation between RTU, Michigan Tech and Michigan Army National Guard were started during the Michigan delegation’s visit to RTU, when the guests visited Ķīpsala Campus and RTU scientific laboratories and familiarised with research interests and fields of RTU scientists. During the talks, an idea of creating a joint project crystallised by involving researchers from the RTU Institute of Transport Infrastructure Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, who could bring their contribution in developing proposals for land transport mobility in off-road conditions. RTU researchers have specific knowledge about Latvia, for example, its soil conditions, and competence in road construction, whereas, Michigan Tech researchers have experience in mobility issues, as some of them are primarily engaged in off-road mobility studies. The results of this research project can be used for both military and civil needs. 

At present, both universities have agreed to develop a joint research project and search for its funding. At RTU, this project is included in the research platform “Safety and Protection”, which aims to promote cross-disciplinary research in fields related to safety of an individual and the state. Alongside with it, an agreement between Michigan Tech and RTU is being developed that would enable to build cooperation also in other research areas in the future, as well as in the study and valorisation process.

When visiting Latvia, representatives of Michigan Tech and Michigan Army National Guard also met with the National Guard research unit, headed by the RTU Defence and Military Technology Research Centre Juris Ķiploks, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Defence.

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27th of September, 2022 at 12:06

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