Riga Technical University Welcomes the Best Accelerator Scientists

24th of May, 2018

The ARIES project «Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society» annual meeting where the achieved is reviewed and new goals for future steps are set is taking place in Riga from May 22 until May 25. ARIES is a project of the Horizon 2020 programme the goal of which is to make accelerator technologies more available for industry and science promoting the society’s gains of this field.

The scientists of Riga Technical University are currently working in three workgroups within the framework of ARIES:

  1. WP-15 scientist group works on the improvement of accelerator elements and work surface coating;
  2. WP-16 working group develops electronic and management components for conceptually new type of accelerators;
  3. WP-12 takes part in development of accelerator technology e-study programme and provision of online study platform.

During the Riga meeting, RTU, Riga Shipyard, CERN and accelerator manufacturers came to an agreement on a new project within the framework of which the possibilities to purify emissions with the help of electron accelerator will be researched.

More information about the project.

More about ARIES project.

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24th of May, 2018 at 9:23

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