Riga Technical University offers three Tenured Professor Positions for the Spring Of 2024

3rd of November

Riga Technical University is a modern, internationally recognized, prestigious and the only multidisciplinary technical university in Latvia. RTU is focused on becoming a third-generation university that provides as high quality education, as conducts advanced research/valorisation and ensures innovation and technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries.

Riga Technical University offers three Tenured Professor Positions for the Spring Of 2024 in the following research fields:

  1. Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Informatics, other sub-fields of computer science and informatics in the sub-field of Cyber Security, with an indicative themes: 1) «Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning» and 2) «Cyber Security and Privacy».
  2. Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics and in the sub-fields of Mechanical Engineering Technologies, with indicative theme: «Additive Technologies for surface engineering».
  3. Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Construction and transport engineering and in the sub-field Building structures and Other construction and transport engineering with an indicative theme: «Geotechnics, Soil Mechanics and Soil Behaviour Under Dynamic Loading, Impact of Climate Change on Geotechnical Process Risks and Soil Properties».


  • Education Level: PhD or equivalent
  • excellent reputation;
  • PhD degree;
  • at least 3 (three) years of experience in the position of an associate professor or professor and internationally recognized experience in the area of specialization;
  • a candidate conducts innovative scientific research and provides high-quality study process in the specified research field;
  • achievements of the candidate should follow the requirements stipulated in Appendix 1 to RTU Regulation « On Tenured Professorship at Riga Technical University». And must fill in and submit Annexes 2 and 3 of the RTU Regulation «On Tenured Professorship at Riga Technical University». Tenūrprofesūra | Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (rtu.lv)
  • Languages: ENGLISH, Level Excellent

Additional Information
Benefits of joining RTU:

  • an opportunity to build a successful academic career and to become an internationally recognized and highly valued professor in the field;
  • an opportunity to develop one’s own research direction at RTU, to establish own working group by attracting innovative, ambitious, cooperation-oriented researches and scientists from RTU;
  • possibility to attract, manage and implement international research projects with ensured administrative support (projects applications writing, submission and projects implementation, HR, HPC, etc.);
  • to organize a mentor and/or assistant;
  • possibility to apply for mobility and cooperation networking support programs;
  • modern and ergonomic working conditions;
  • possibility to use modern laboratories infrastructure;
  • individual development and training opportunities;
  • business trips covering during the first year and thereafter if necessary;
  • repayment of publications costs during the first year;
  • possibilities to use RTU sports and recreation infrastructure (swimming pool, sauna, gym) for free.

For foreign applicants:

  • initial accommodation;
  • relocation assistance (integration documents processing);
  • family relocation assistance (doctor, kindergarten/school, place of residence, etc.)
  • Latvian language training.

Remuneration: 6050 EUR/month (gross).

Selection process
To apply for this position please send the following documents (in English) to e-mail of Personnel Department of Riga Technical University :

  • an application addressed to RTU Rector on participation in the competition (in free form);
  • a cover letter, detailing candidate’s vision on the aims to be achieved;
  • a research plan for the short term for next 2 (two) years and long term - 6 (six) years;
  • Curriculum Vitae (Annexes 2 of the RTU Regulation «On Tenured Professorship at Riga Technical University») of the candidate covering research, pedagogical and organizational experience, presenting the summary of the work results or description of the candidate’s achievements in research, pedagogical and organizational work, professional advancement activities, list of publications for the last 6 (six) years, as well as other documents or information, which the candidate may decide to attach to the application in order to provide a more comprehensive view of their qualification and demonstrate compliance with the requirements;
  • Documents copies certifying acquisition of scientific and academic degrees;
  • for foreign candidates, if the study program, where the tenured professor will be involved, is delivered in the state language (Latvian) and/or the competence in the state language is necessary to perform other work-related activities – a document certifying state language competence in accordance with the Law on the State Language. In other cases, the candidate shall undertake to acquire the basic competence in the state language in the first year of their tenureship at RTU;
  • available references on the assessment of the candidate’s work performed in the previous period, including: 1)references or recommendations from cooperation partners, employers or professional associations, which the candidate is/was a member of; 2)results of student surveys on the quality of the candidate’s pedagogical work; 3)information on awards, certificates of recognition, etc.

Additional comments

Application term – until 01.12.2023. Additional information (document samples, etc.) is available at RTU home page, section «Work at RTU» Personāla atlases un dažādības vadlīnijas dokumenti | Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (rtu.lv) Website for additional job details Tenūrprofesūra | Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (rtu.lv)

Work Location(s)
ute: Riga Technical university
Country: LatviaCity: Riga
Postal Code: LV-1048
Street: Kipsalas street 6a

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