Latvian Enterprises convinced of the collaboration with CERN

22nd of January, 2018
Latvian entrepreneurs visit CERN to establish that CERN could become one of their business partners if Latvia gains the CERN member state status. Foto: Anžela Džafarova, RTU

Latvian enterprises have great opportunities to collaborate with European organization for nuclear research (CERN), by providing necessary research materials, machinery and technological solutions. This was determined by Latvian investment and development agency on 17th  of January on the visit to CERN. The visit to CERN was organised by Rigas Technical University (RTU) and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LDAL).

The visit was led by the ministry of economic affairs (MEA) parliamentary secretary Jānis Upenieks, who witnessed that during the visit, the prime minister Māra Kučinska who discussed with CERN Managing Director (MD) strategical plans that Latvia could become a CERN member state by 2019.

«For enterprises and industry representatives, this visit was important not only as an opportunity to understand CERN’s activities, current programs, projects and technology demands but also to build firm foundations and network to demonstrate the innovative potential of the Latvian industry, including the ability to participate in CERN’s research and development programs, such as production, technology or services,» as said by MEA innovation head of the department Mārtiņš Jansons.

During the visit, a specific agreement was made on a research project involving RTU, the Institute of Solid State Physics at the University of Latvia, the company «Primekss» and CERN, on material development science in order to compose specific concrete with improved properties and structure. Such partnership within the project framework can also be funded by innovation support programmes developed by EMA.

«Latvian enterprises at CERN have also discussed the extensive supply of electronics, as well as collaboration in the fields of mechanical engineering, metalwork and information technology. It was a very valuable meeting – Latvian business have real opportunities to build a partnership with CERN, and the entrepreneurs made sure of it during their visit.» Says RTU professor and CERN researcher Toms Torims.

EMA fully supports Latvia’s progress towards becoming a recognised member state of CERN. «The visit to CERN by Latvian innovative companies, industry organisations and policy makers was an important milestone in the first steps of the Latvia’s integration into CERN, and a set goal of becoming a CERN associated member state» believes M. Jansons.

Conceptual support for Latvia’s participation in CERN was expressed last spring by the head of government Māris Kučinskis. To reach this goal RTU have been actively working five years towards collaboration with CERN as it would open wide research opportunities for Latvian scientists, while Latvian entrepreneurs would be able to carry out CERN requirements.

The visit of Latvia’s development agency to CERN is a result of five years targeted work of the RTU. The RTU has been in partnership with CERN since 2012 and is successfully collaborating with several scientific projects. The RTU and CERN agreement is in some ways a unique alliance, as the usual practice shows that CERN's collaboration agreements are usually concluded with countries first.

By entering into cooperation with CERN, RTU committed itself to promote Latvia's access to its research centre, which has been the core of exploration, innovation and scientific discoveries in particle physics for over 60 years. CERN has the most advanced discoveries that have an impact on global development. CERN center launched Internet and a few years ago, using the Large Hadron Collider discovered the Higgs boson.

The visit to CERN by Latvian entrepreneurs is also aired on LTV «Panorāma» (21.01.2018.)

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