First Graduates of the Joint Study Programme Implemented by RTU and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

22nd of February, 2018

This semester first students of Academic Master Study Programme «Innovative Solutions in Geomatics» graduated Riga Technical University (RTU). Second graduation party this semester celebrated students of Academic Master Study Programme «Innovative Road and Bridge Engineering». The Faculty of Civil Engineering implements these programmes and they have been elaborated in cooperation with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU). Graduates of both programmes have received a joint diploma from RTU and VGTU.

The duration of studies in both programmes is three semesters, they are in English and take place both in Riga and in Vilnius. Both programmes offer state funded study places.

Seven students enrolled in study programme «Innovative Solutions in Geomatics» and all of them graduated. Several of them will continue studies in Doctoral Study Programmes at RTU and VGTU. Lauris Goldbers, one of the graduates, considers that the study programme has been elaborated on a high quality and the biggest advantage is pooling of resources – what you do not have in Riga, is available in Vilnius and vice versa. For example, students had an opportunity to work with laser scanning equipment that is available at VGTU, but not yet at RTU. In the first semester, the studies took place at RTU, in the second semester – VGTU, but in the third semester, when the Master’s Thesis was being developed, students could choose at which of the two universities they would like to write it. The first graduates are from Latvia, but in fall semester new students enrolled from which four are from Latvia and two from Lithuania.

This programme prepares highly qualified geomatics specialists for independent scientific research and practical work in Latvia, Lithuania and other countries. The graduates are surveying engineers who have acquired the latest knowledge in geomatics, geodesy and cartography, knowledge that is related to the creation and development of geodetic networks and geographic information systems.

Five students completed study programme «Innovative Road and Bridge Engineering» – one from Latvia, three from Lithuania and one from Egypt. In this programme, the first semester was implemented in Vilnius, second semester in Riga, but in the third semester, students chose where to elaborate the Master’s Thesis.

The graduates of this programme are highly qualified transportation engineering specialists trained for independent scientific research and practical work in road and bridge design, construction and maintenance in Latvia, Lithuania and other countries.

Graduation ceremony for students of both programmes was on 23 February at RTU.

Cooperation agreement between RTU and VGTU was signed on 17 March 2014.

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