B+NeSDG : Final Capacity-Building meeting in Greece

14th of November, 2023
Photo: B+NeSDG

Within the scope of the Erasmus+ project B+NeSDG, RTU representatives, with partner institutions from Nepal, Bhutan and Spain, attended the final capacity-building meeting on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at Hellenic Open University, in Athens, Greece.  For this occasion, 3 international students from RTU participated in this meeting and attended workshops, discussions and presentations on the implementation of SDG in education during 5 days.

During this meeting, all the students from each partner institution had the opportunity to get familiar with Greek basic communication, experiment pechakucha presentation methods and finally to learn more about projects led by students at our partner institution in Nepal and Bhutan. 

The experience brings added-value to our participating students, as they share in their feedbacks.

«Student Summit was a defining moment. I engaged with presentations from diverse universities, delving into insightful Q&A sessions that fueled valuable feedback and thought-provoking discussions. The experience was undoubtedly positive. I deeply appreciated the opportunity to discover the avenues through which I can actively engage in projects via my home university and other affiliated institutions.» – Niumi, 3rd year student in Chemical Engineering 

«It was heartening to witness the tangible progress of the project and its transformative impact on people's lives. The initiative not only enhanced their living conditions but also equipped them with tools for a sustainable future. Additionally, the array of interactive sessions and hands-on workshops further enriched the learning experience, making it not just informative but also engaging. In summary, the experience was nothing short of spectacular.» – Vilol, Master student in Business Informatics 

The workshops held intended to share problem-based learning tools for students to get familiar with the 17 SDGs and aimed to be implemented as new and innovative teaching methods at our partners’ institutions. In this multicultural learning environment, students, teachers and staff members enjoyed mindfulness sessions such as meditation, insightful interactions and dynamics exchanges and presentations on the results from research led by Nepalese and Butanese students through the whole project lifetime.

While this intense week was a great opportunity to enjoy various learning experiences, have access to several learning materials and network with international actors and educators, RTU has provided international partners with meaningful teaching materials on SDGs (learning and teaching workshops, other Erasmus project results, research), in order to enhance the teaching of SDG topics at partners’ home institutions. 

If you want to know more about the project B+NeSDG, visit the project website and social media.

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14th of November, 2023 at 10:15

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