Areas of Mutual Interest: RTU Hosts Latvian Honorary Consul Candidates on Campus

7th of December, 2023

The distance between Latvia and Africa seemed to get a little closer this week when Riga Technical University hosted a pair of Latvian Honorary Consul candidates on Tuesday, December 5. Topics discussed include international mobility opportunities and ways for RTU to further deepen its ties with African universities and partners.

Our distinguished guests were Lydie Hakizimana and Obert Sibanda, candidates for the Latvian honorary consul in Rwanda and Zimbabwe, respectively. They were joined by Linda Ozoliņa and Edgars Poļanskis, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Latvia.

The delegation first met with RTU Rector Tālis Juhna and university management representatives, including Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Elīna Gaile-Sarkane and Head of the International Unit Kārlis Valtiņš. 

The group next enjoyed a tour of the RTU Water Research and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, led by associate professor and Director of Institute of Water Systems and Biotechnology Linda Mežule. They also visited the RTU Science and Innovation Centre with Vice Rector for Innovations Liene Briede. 

Many valuable conversations were held about potential opportunities for cooperation within the framework of international mobility projects, and recruiting PhD candidates and teaching staff, as well as students from Zimbabwe and Rwanda within the Erasmus+ program. 

RTU's experience engaging students in science and innovation projects was also discussed, along with the university’s involvement in the Latvian Quantum Technology Initiative.

Riga Technical University approaches its relationship with African universities through a lens of true partnership, one driven by co-creation and co-learning, and strives to promote sustainable and effective partnerships that mutually enhance institutional resources and increase institutional capacity. 

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7th of December, 2023 at 11:53

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