RTU Sets New Guinness World Record for Biggest Brainstorm in the World

29th of September

A total of 1,217 people took part in the «Biggest Brainstorm in the World,» besting the current Guinness World Record for the largest creative thinking lesson in a single venue by 15 individuals. 

The results still need to be evaluated by the Guinness World Records organization. The record-setting attempt was one of the many highlights of the RTU Innovation Marathon held on Friday, September 29. 
Event participants submitted at least 3,800 high-quality ideas for new products or services (the total number of submitted ideas could be even higher, as the jury continues to evaluate them). Individual participants created and registered 100 or more ideas during the event. 

Marketing visionary Jānis Fēlikss Vītiņš registered the largest number of high-quality and innovative new product and service ideas, with 152 submissions and received a EUR 1,000 prize.

The audience choice for the most innovative idea was a foldable cargo electric bike, which is already being implemented by RTU students. Designed for portability and compact storage and with an electric motor that allows effortless transportation of heavy loads, the bike delivers a convenient transportation solution. The architects of the idea also received a EUR 1,000 prize.  

The Biggest Brainstorm in the World was implemented for the first time in Europe. Under the guidance of innovation coaches, participants generated and registered innovative ideas using five different creativity simulation methods. The previous Guinness Record for the largest creative thinking lesson in a single venue was set on August 27, 2019—when 1,202 individuals in Chennai, India, gathered for 45 minutes to help develop and enrich the young students' thinking skills.

Along with the creative thinking sessions, individuals participated in various recharging activities, enjoyed musically innovative performances and other surprises.
In an unprecedented experiment, four well-known representatives from the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and advertising: Anna Andersone, CEO and Chair of the Board at Riga TechGirls, Ance Āboliņa, head of SEB Innovation Center, Andris Rubīns, Managing Director at the Magic advertising agency, and Blue Shock Race CEO/founder Daugins, competed with artificial intelligence to test who is a more successful idea generator. 
Humans outperformed AI in the experiment.  
Participants could also visit the ambitious Student Innovation Grants exhibition to get acquainted with the latest RTU student innovations. 

The Biggest Brainstorm in the World was organized in cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), who have recently developed the missionLatvia initiative to spread better awareness of Latvia abroad. 

The record is also supported by Maxima, KPMG Baltics, Rīgas Satiksme, Magebit, and SEB banka.

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29th of September at 16:40

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