«Eduniversal» Ratings Systems Declares RTU With the Most Prestigious Business Education in Latvia

15th of November, 2023
Aldis Čevers, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of RTU, with a confirmation of RTU's position in the «Eduniversal» ranking. Photo: Armins Ronis, RTU

In the «Eduniversal» ranking of the world's best business schools, the Riga Technical University Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (RTU FEEM) and RTU Riga Business School (RBS) received the highest rating in Latvia. For the seventh consecutive year, RTU FEEM and RBS have been included in the prestigious ranking of the Four Palms League, which confirms high academic level, excellent quality, and strong international influence in business and management education.

The high rating in the ranking is proof of RTU’s well-thought-out, long-term internationalization policy, choosing to cooperate with recognized world universities, building a wide network of partner universities in the world, and participating in international higher education consortia. 

The activity of management and teaching staff of RTU FEEM and RBS also plays an important role, creating a wide network of business education and innovation professionals, industry associations involvement, scientific conference participation, evaluating and improving the quality of business education at the international level, and creating joint study programs. The impressive rating is also positively influenced by the fact that RTU works purposefully to improve its performance in various international ratings. 
The Eduniversal Business Schools international ranking system includes 1000 of the world's best higher education institutions that provide business and management education. The Four Palms League includes 200 business universities with excellent ratings and significant international influence. After the 1000 best business schools in 153 countries have been selected, they are divided within each country into five levels of excellence which Eduniversal titles the Palme of Excellence. There are five total leagues of Palmes of Excellence.

The rating is made by the French rating agency and consulting company SMBG, which specializes in higher education and professional guidance issues. The rating’s purpose is to create a list of the best universities that would help students choose the most suitable universities and business schools in East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Eurasia and the Middle East, Latin America, Oceania, Western Europe, and North America, based on the recommendations of recognized education experts. The promotion of the mobility of students and academic staff is another important goal of the ratings system. 

RTU IEVF is currently the largest faculty of RTU, where students receive internationally highly rated education in various fields of management, administration, economy, security, technology, systems and industry management. The study programs implemented in the faculty are directly oriented towards the achievement of Latvia's sustainability goals and promote the full commercialization of engineering inventions and innovations created by other RTU faculties, which are essential for the development of the national economy in Latvia. 

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15th of November, 2023 at 12:01

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