Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

Dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications Professor Dr. sc. ing. Vjačeslavs Bobrovs:

We have to deal with various smart devices and computers on a daily basis and in the future we will use them at a much greater scale. However, any smart device is first and foremost electronics and only after that – software. Moreover, while application software changes, electronic hardware remains unchanged, thus, along with growing speed new tasks arise and so the requirements with respect to electronic backup keep constantly changing.

Electronics is very versatile and multifaceted – ranging from semi-conductor 3D chips in nanotechnologies to supercomputers, from camcorders at the eagle’s nest to electromobiles. It is a multi-billion industry, the market covers both large international companies and small start-ups. All industry players strive to develop new generation technologies and the competences and skills necessary to accomplish that can be obtained at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.

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