Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

RTU Datorzinātnes un informācijas tehnoloģijas fakultāteDean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Professor Dr. sc. ing. Agris Ņikitenko:

For several consecutive years the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia compiles a list of educational establishments and study programs most recommended by employers. RTU and the program «Computer Systems» implemented by the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology are convincing winners.

IT sector is one of the most rapidly developing industries in the world – integration of technology in almost all spheres of human activity ensures that this tendency will continue and that there will be a constant demand for IT professionals in the labor market.  

It is a common mistake to think that IT specialists spend their day working only with the newest technologies and computers. They spend a lot of time communicating with people, that is why a professional should have excellent cooperation and communication skills, as well as language skills, the knowledge of English in particular. It is necessary to know how to set goals, be pragmatic and responsible as the work of contemporary IT specialists influences the way people think, changes their behavioral patterns and their lives.

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