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Guest lecture «How to bring a locomotive into a lecture room?»

3rd of March, 10:00 - 12:30
RTU Scientific laboratory, room 108, P. Valdena Street 1, Riga

One of the major challenges in the education of rail vehicle engineers is the consideration of practical issues. Rail vehicles and their components are usually far too big to be physically present for demonstration purposes in lecture rooms or university laboratories. 

The Chair of Rail Vehicle Engineering at Dresden University of Technology has therefore developed a project using virtual reality in order to enable students to vividly experience rail vehicle technology at the university. Moreover, students are encouraged to design and develop their own locomotive and see the outcome of their work in virtual reality setting. The talk outlines the development of the «virTUro» project and provides a vision of its future. It emphasizes that the use of virtual reality can play a significant role in the future education of engineers.

Language: English
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