Valorization is one of the areas of RTU activity laid out in the university strategy. It implies commercialization of the products developed at the university and promotion, patenting, and launch of results of applied research, and their use in establishing new enterprises.

All faculties of the university take part in the valorization process, which is coordinated by the following units: 

1. Department of Business Development and Investments, which aims to establish and sustain long-term relationships with business and social partners, thus contributing to the increase in the number of contracts, as well as to attract investments to RTU, RTU projects and to lease RTU real estate.

2. Innovation and Technology Transfer Center, which aims at promoting recognition of intellectual potential and innovation and technology transfer at RTU.

3. Research Infrastructure and Technology Support Centre, which provides access to RTU research infrastructure and resources (administrates UseScience data base and HPC (High Performance Computing).

4. Design Factory offers support to RTU researchers, students and staff in the fields of research, design, prototyping and education.

5. Business incubators: student business incubator in Cēsis, IdeaLab, and other.

One of the strategic aims of RTU is to create an environment for efficient technology transfer and development of innovations, which would facilitate establishment of new enterprises and new product design. Valorization includes innovation, technology transfer and commercialization, therefore, special attention is paid to creation of new innovative technologies, their development and commercialization promoting establishment of new enterprises by students and members of academic personnel.  

We invite all members of RTU staff and students register their participation in the enterprises!

Magazine «Innovation»


EBCC Model

RTU coordinates Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (KA2) Strategic Partnership Project No. 2017-1-LV01-KA203-035426 «Education, Business and Community Cooperation Model for a Creative European Engineering Education » (EBCC Model).

For businesses and organizations

We ensure an entire range of services including consultations and launch of new products onto the market using all human resources, competences and tangible assets at the disposal of RTU bases on the values outlines by RTU, that is, quality, integrity, stability, cooperation, sustainable development and academic freedom.

For researchers

Thorough understanding of consumer needs and purposeful product development accounting for these needs can ensure successful commercialization of a product and/or service and generate revenue for the suppliers of that product.

For students

The mission of Riga Technical University is to ensure internationally competitive high quality scientific research, tertiary education, technology transfer and innovation for the Latvian national economy and society.