Valorization is one of the areas of RTU activity laid out in the university strategy. It implies commercialization of the products developed at the university and promotion, patenting, and launch of results of applied research.

The following units coordinate the valorization process:

1. Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre is responsible for protection and management of intellectual property, development of technology transfer, support for RTU scientists in valorization activities and collaboration with external local and international partners.

2. Science and Innovation Center supports RTU researchers, students and companies in the fields of research, design, prototyping and education, as well as ensures the efficient and effective use and development of scientific infrastructure. The center manages the UseScience database and AVS (high-performance computing).


Intellectual property auctions

Intellectual property resulting from research at Riga Technical University (RTU) is offered for licencing or acquisition in accordance with Article 39.5 of the Law on Scientific Activity.

Magazine «Innovation»

According to the Ministry of Economics, the precondition for competitiveness of the Latvian economy is the increase of productivity – growth should be based on technological factors, production efficiency, and innovation.

For businesses and organizations

We ensure an entire range of services including consultations and launch of new products onto the market using all human resources, competences and tangible assets at the disposal of RTU bases on the values outlines by RTU, that is, quality, integrity, stability, cooperation, sustainable development and academic freedom.

For researchers

Thorough understanding of consumer needs and purposeful product development accounting for these needs can ensure successful commercialization of a product and/or service and generate revenue for the suppliers of that product.