Ideation Measures 

Ideation Measures 

Ideation measures encourage the generation of new business ideas, team formation, networking and the development of new products. The process is based on the generation of ideas, the development of a quick (time and premise limiting circumstances) solution and the receipt of expert assessment.

Hackathon, lasting for 24-48 hours, aims to establish new teams and create new technological solutions. Initially, everyone who has a business idea presents it to the other members. The participants then choose which idea to work at during the next 48 hours and make a real prototype of the product from scratch. Hackathon is a meeting place for representatives of different levels and occupations.

The ICEBREAKERS Festival provides for the exchange of ideas, networking, generating new ideas, inspiring, sharing experience, and public consultation and evaluation of the results of activities of previous seasons.

Joint events are open to all interested from Latvian universities. Their active involvement in the process, informing and efficient networking, ensuring the formation of new teams, knowledge transfer and replenishment, and promoting a higher public reach, awareness and knowledge of the possibilities of the programme. Scholarships are planned for the award-winning places.