Educational Programmes

Educational Programmes

EIT RawMaterial Academy offers a variety of educational activities to Master’s and Doctoral students, industry partners, raw material professionals and community. A new learning experience is being offered, combining academic knowledge with the skills and information provided by research and industry.

The goals of EIT RawMaterial Academy are:

  • raising public awareness and interest in the importance of the raw materials sector;
  • educating stakeholders by providing additional knowledge on technical issues throughout the raw materials chain;
  • promoting the development of innovative thinking, creativity and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. 

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Educational project «PhD BalticTeach»

How to be a successful PhD student? What skills and knowledge are the most valuable for the PhD student in the 21st century? The latest tendency in academia shows that being a successful PhD student is not always related to publishing. Throughout graduate studies, it is essential to consider the growing importance of research and obtained findings and identify the needs of modern society and implement the practical use and commercialization aspect of the research.

The international project «PhD BalticTeach» contains the following:

  • Virtual lectures and individual learning
  • A three-day PhD school
  • Follow-up activities, including incubation

The project strongly focuses on system thinking, sustainable materials, and the commercialization aspect of the research. Target attendees are PhD students from Baltics and RIS countries (Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia) who are working on topics such as advanced materials, circular economy, and sustainable materials and are interested in the commercialization of the research work.

The project will provide challenged-based learning, including the possibility to work on the challenges provided by the companies related to real industrial problems to look at the specific problem as a market opportunity.  

It is planned to have 3 PhD schools providing 6 ECTS credits per education event (around 150h).

On-site PhD schools are planned:  

  • June 2024 in Riga
  • November 2024 in Tallinn
  • March 2025 in Kaunas

The project is financed by EIT Raw Materials and implemented by Riga Technical University, Tallinn University of Technology, Kaunas University of Technology, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Technical University of Kosice, and Geological Survey of Slovenia.