EIT RawMaterials Baltic Hub

In 2019, Riga Technical University, Kaunas University of Technology and Tallinn University of Technology established the EIT RawMaterials contact point of the Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) – EIT RawMaterials Baltic Hub, which helps Baltic scientists and businesses to create competitive innovations in the field of raw materials.

By bringing together more than 300 leading industrial firms, universities and research organisations from 20 countries, EIT RawMaterials is considered to be the largest consortium in the raw materials sector in the world. By offering support instruments, it strengthens cooperation, facilitates knowledge exchange, the establishment of new businesses and the development of innovative solutions throughout the raw material chain, from exploration, extraction and treatment to substitution, processing and the circular economy.

The establishment of the EIT RawMaterials Baltic Hub offers more opportunities for Baltic scientists to engage in large-scale research projects, access world-renowned industry partners, alone or in cooperation with local companies. The creation of the contact point also contributes to the formation of innovative and new businesses.

EIT RawMaterials Baltic Hub implements three programmes, which take place sequentially in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. A science and technology transfer conference, a summer school where students work on industrial challenges, and an accelerated programme supporting the development of ideas of deep-tech or scientific startups are organised.

EIT RawMaterials Baltic Hub programmes in Latvia are coordinated by the RTU Science and Innovation Centre.