Entrepreneurship Support Programmes

Entrepreneurship Support Programmes

EIT RawMaterial provides funding and business training for startups, with a special focus on bringing new ideas into the market and providing early support to companies to attract first customers.

The goals of the entrepreneurship support programmes are:

  • helping to create and develop businesses that could change the rules of the game in Europe; 
  • helping to start business quickly and supporting the commercialisation of ideas;
  • promoting cooperation and interdisciplinarity;
  • developing new business education approaches;
  • provide funding for innovation – from idea to commercialisation.

EIT Jumpstarter is one of the most popular pre-acceleration programmes in Europe

RawMaterials Accelerator is the acceleration programme for startups, scientists and researchers for developing and marketing new products and services.

Support to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises

Appeals to small and medium-sized enterprises

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