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+ 371 67 089766

Latvian State Scholarships

In accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science concluded between Latvian government and a few countries, Latvia offers scholarships to foreign students, researchers and teaching staff for studies, research and participation in summer schools in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs) in the 2023/2024 academic year.

Students from the following countries are eligible to apply for the scholarships: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, The People`s Republic of China, The United States of America, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Applications for bachelor`s and the first level of professional higher education studies will be accepted from students who have successfully completed at least one academic year of studies (at their home higher education institution or at a Latvian higher education institution, if they already have been studying in Latvia).

Scholarships for bachelor`s and master`s studies are granted for one academic year – a time period up to 10 months, for PhD-students – up to 11 months.

NOTE! Deadline to submit your application with RTU is 27 March 2023. Deadline for Latvian State scholarship is 1 April 2023.

The fee for studies in Riga Technical University can be reimbursed from the scholarship.

Registration procedure

If you wish to apply for Latvian State Scholarship, the following procedure shall be followed:

1. Submit your application at (choose Latvian state scholarships). Note that you will be required to upload your educational qualifications, proof of English proficiency, passport, CV (Europass) and Motivation letter. Have them available before starting the registration process. Pay extra attention when composing your Motivation letter as it will be carefully assessed during candidate selection. Your Motivation letter shall explain why you want to study in Latvia and in Riga Technical University and why have you selected this particular study program, do not be afraid to explain that in as much detail as possible. Your application will be assessed only after a registration fee payment will be made. An invoice will be issued automatically after submission of application.

2. Receive an invitation to schedule a video interview and mathematics exam if required.

3. Receive an Acceptance letter if your application has been selected. The Acceptance letter will enable you to apply for Latvian Government Scholarship. Note that your scholarship request will not be considered if you lodge your application without the University’s acceptance letter.

4. Submit your application for Latvian Government Scholarship to the State Agency. Information about documents your scholarship application shall contain you can find on the website of State Education Development Agency.

RTU Scholarships

Riga Technical University (RTU) has announced the offer of full scholarship for students from Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Philippines for studies at postgraduate study programmes.

The scholarship is announced for 2023/2024 Academic year in Master’s study programmes, mentioning priority study programmes:

  • Cybersecurity;
  • Telecommunication;
  • Real Estate Management;
  • Chemical Technology;
  • Business Finance;
  • Digital Humanities.

The scholarship covers following expenses: Application fee (150 EUR), Tuition fee and accommodation at RTU Student Dormitory. Initially the scholarship will be granted for the first study year. After the first study year RTU will reassess the candidate’s academic performance and if the average score in his/her studies will be at least 8 out of 10, the scholarship will be granted for another year.

Application deadline June 1, 2023  

Student admission criteria

To be eligible for Master’s study programme the applicant must be holder of a recognized Bachelor’s degree in areas related to chosen postgraduate programme (a minimum of three years’ study at a university and at least 180 ECTS per programme). The average overall score in the previous education has to be at least 70%.

Applicants must have a good proficiency in English and they must prove at least B2 English level, IELTS, TOEFL or any other internationally recognized certificate.

Application procedure

Candidates must fill in the online application: by selecting «RTU Global Outreach Scholarship» as first priority and the chosen study programme (from the listed programmes) as second priority.

Applicant must upload all supporting documents in digital form, including the relevant certificates and transcripts of previous studies. No original official documents need to be sent at application. Required application documents:

  • Passport copy, as proof of nationality;
  • Final Degree Certificate and transcripts (diploma supplement or list of the subjects taken during the study and correspondent marks) of their previous studies. The Certificate and transcripts must be original, certified documents, scanned and attached to the online application form;
  • English language certificate;
  • Motivation letter – this letter should present the applicant’s motivation to enrol the Master’s course, preferred study track and mobility, the competencies and skills he / she would like to achieve, future perspectives and aspirations after the Master course, etc.;
  • CV with information about relevant experience and professional training;
  • Reference letter – minimum 2 letters, preferably one letter from an academic viewpoint and one from an employer. Reference letters must be written in English and must be signed.